2/23 Assembly: “Service”

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On 2/23/14, 100 adults and kiddies gathered at Murphy Elementary School for the third Chicago Sunday Assembly, with the theme “Service”. The guest speaker was Kate Donovan, local blogger from the website Gruntled and Hinged. Kate gave an interesting talk on the subject of “Science Meets Social Services: Helping Effectively”, the main message of which was how to maximise your ability to help others whilst leaving you with the energy to help effectively the next time around. Committee member Shane Mason also read his favourite passage from “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Froer, and Sunday Assembly member Vivien Castillo related her experience of finding acceptance and welcome in the secular community.

We got to hear and sing along to some great music, opening with an awesome sax solo from Ben, continuing with one of Bruce’s original compositions, and interspersed with some sweet Beatles songs. A monthly artistic presentation is planned, so go ahead and get in contact if you have a musical or other artistic composition to share.

To top things off, people chatted and made friends in the convivial atmosphere of coffee, donuts, and freshly baked goods. Your correspondent even met four lads who had travelled all the way from Detroit to attend the Assembly!

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  1. Nicole S.
    March 16, 2014

    So much fun!


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