You don’t need that many coats…

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By Ben Zalisko (singing “Too many coats, too-oo many coats, too many coats…”)

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Chicago is cold. We try to do some education one in a while here at Sunday Assembly, so let that be your lesson of the day. Chicago is cold, and cold sucks if you don’t have a good coat.

This last assembly, we had a coat drive and received some generous donations. However, more is needed. There are far too many people who cannot afford a warm coat, let alone a warm home. Please look in the back of your closet, on your old coat rack, packed away in your storage closet. Find those coats that your kids grew out of that you apparently were saving for their kids. As long as they are only lightly used, there are plenty of people who need them more than you do. (Ragged, damaged coats will not be accepted) Send out a big email to your coworkers. It worked for me. Ask your neighbors if they have any coats to donate. If it’s really too much trouble for you to drop them off. Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.


Please consider donating your lightly used coats this winter. Go to to find a drop off location near you.

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