Why Sunday Assembly? – Matthew Kovich

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Since it’s founding, Sunday Assembly Chicago has replaced the traditional “… is doing their best” segment of the Sunday Assembly program with a segment called “Why Sunday Assembly?”. It’s an opportunity for someone in the congregation to tell their story, make a case for Sunday Assembly, or even get on their soap box for a […]

“How I Got Booed by Thousands of Fellow Cubs Fans (because science)”

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I am posting an article I wrote on my personal blog, “Reason Bound”. It combines skepticism and Chicago sports, so I thought that our congregation might find it interesting: https://reasonbound.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/how-i-got-booed-by-thousands-of-fellow-cubs-fans-because-science/ https://reasonbound.wordpress.com/  

You don’t need that many coats…

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By Ben Zalisko (singing “Too many coats, too-oo many coats, too many coats…”) Chicago is cold. We try to do some education one in a while here at Sunday Assembly, so let that be your lesson of the day. Chicago is cold, and cold sucks if you don’t have a good coat. This last assembly, […]

Atheist Analysis Interview

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By Ben Zalisko   I went on an atheist, internet TV show (a phrase with “Millennials” written all over it) in July, and of course, I’m only now uploading it to the blog. You can check out the full interview if you’re a Sunday Assembly superfan, but it’s long and you’re busy, so I don’t recommend it. […]

September 28 – Sunday Assembly Featuring Phil Ferguson

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I’m happy to announce that Sunday Assembly Chicago is back, and our new home is the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center. (4048 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60639) Assemblies start at 11:30am, but show up as early as 11am to get donuts and mingle with the rest of the congregation. There is plenty of free […]

This Sunday will be the final Sunday Assembly Chicago without your help.

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This Sunday will be the final Sunday Assembly Chicago without your help. Over the last three months, attendance has decreased significantly at Sunday Assembly Chicago. And, just three days before elections for the Board of Directors, only one person has submitted an application. So, the organizers have decided that unless attendance increases and we get […]

3/23 Assembly: “Passion”

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On 3/23/14, Chicago Sunday Assembly held their fourth service at Murphy Elementary School with the theme “Passion”. The two featured guest speakers were film critics Keith Phipps of TheDissolve.com and Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com. They discussed different aspects of their careers and how passion for the film industry helped them achieve their goals and get […]

Sunday Assembly Chicago Board of Directors

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Chicago Sunday Assembly will be electing four members of the Sunday Assembly Chicago Board of Directors in May. Nominations are invited! As this is the first year, we wish to encourage nominations and therefore do not require lengthy nomination procedures – a simple volunteering with support will suffice. The role of a Board member is […]

Knitting/Crocheting Smoup, Friday 4/4

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On Friday April 4th the Crochet and Knitting Smoup met for the first time. Our group was small, but we had a good time! I worked on crocheting baby hats, while another member worked on knitting a scarf. The Starbucks location worked well for us and with the continued cold weather it was nice to […]

2/23 Assembly: “Service”

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On 2/23/14, 100 adults and kiddies gathered at Murphy Elementary School for the third Chicago Sunday Assembly, with the theme “Service”. The guest speaker was Kate Donovan, local blogger from the website Gruntled and Hinged. Kate gave an interesting talk on the subject of “Science Meets Social Services: Helping Effectively”, the main message of which […]

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